Next Blue Generation

Project Results

All project results will be available online.

Main Result 1
Dataset on career and training opportunities in Blue Economy

Creation of a database of more than 200 career and training paths in the following 5 sectors: Nautical Tourism, Maritime Transport, Aquaculture, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Conservation. This will provide users with a detailed understanding of careers in the Blue Economy and increase their attractiveness.

Main Result 2
The BlueGeneration Game (EN, ES, FR, EL, DE, HR, NL)

The BlueGeneration Game is a self-assessment tool (using the gaming environment) that will help young people and those interested to find their place in the Blue Economy. This orientation tool will create an isometric 3D world that will allow users to play the game while assessing their skills. The aim is to raise interest, lower entry barriers and increase the attractiveness of Blue Economy careers.

Main Result 3
Blue Careers Pathway Tool (EN, ES, FR, EL, DE, HR, NL)

The Pathway tool aims to increase the awareness, visibility and attractiveness of Blue Career opportunities for secondary, vocational and higher education students. This tool, like the others, is directly designed for individualised career guidance to students. It aims to make students aware of the opportunities in the Blue Economy and to encourage them to start a career in one of the 5 sectors presented.

Main Result 4
MOOC training course for teachers (EN, ES, FR, EL, DE, HR, NL)

The development and delivery of the MOOC, a train-the-trainer course providing easy-to-use background information, will enable teachers and trainers to support the guidance provided by the Blue Career Pathway tool and the BlueGeneration game.